Industrial Solutions

Lighting as a Service

A turn key solution to implement and maintain your energy efficient lighting system. You get all the benefits of a well designed, energy efficient lighting system without having the burden of owning and maintaining the lights

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Shop top quality lighting products from the convenience and safety of you home or office.

The lighting store offers a selection of hand selected lighting products for all basic applications. Visit the store and request a quote for delivery to your location.

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Lighting Design

Custom hotel lighting fixtures for every application, manufactured by us, so you are guaranteed the best quality at competitive prices.

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New build and Retrofit
lighting projects

Submit your plans and we will start working with you on selecting the right products for your applications or adjust your existing lighting systems to reduce energy cost, improve guest experience and reduce maintenance cost.

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Controls & Battery Backups

Lighting control systems provide the desired amount of light where and when it is needed. They are used to maximize energy savings, satisfy building codes, provide safety & security or comply with green building and energy conservation programs.

Emergency lighting and exit signage are essential for accidents or catastrophic events that require a safe and smooth evacuation from a building. It provides illumination allowing people to see clearly, avoid obstacles and move confidently to the nearest exit in a crisis.

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Waterless Urinals

A well lit parking lot discourage crimes like vandalism, theft and provide the extra safety and security that businesses require to attract customers after dark.

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All your hot water at a fraction of
the price

All your hot water with up to 85% energy savings. Reduce hot water bill in your condominium, hotel, or industry with ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar System.

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